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Access today’s most advanced cancer treatment technologies. Comfortably close to home.

At Finger Lakes Radiation Oncology Center, we’re always refining our treatment methods to deliver the highest-quality patient care possible. By using the most current treatment planning technology available to “map” tumors, our board-certified radiation oncologists design treatments with pinpoint accuracy. This ensures that tumors get the most effective dose while minimizing or excluding radiation to surrounding healthy tissues- a particular advantage when the cancer is located near vital organs.

Beyond helping to heal your body, our highly personalized approach to cancer care extends to easing your mind and comforting your soul.

  • Procedures are carefully explained at every step of the way.
  • Questions are answered in words you can understand.
  • Appointments are scheduled as conveniently as possible.
  • Smiles and hugs are freely exchanged.

Please call us at (315) 462-5711 and our staff can guide you through the referral process.

Dr. Hansen and One of His Patients Patient-focused personalized care
is our #1 priority.
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